National Podcast Post Month #NaPodPoMo November 2017

Joining in with #NaPodPoMo 2017

… and what on earth is #NaPodPoMo ??? … well it’s another one of those challenge ‘thingies’ happening this month, and this one is National Podcast Post Month. 30 days, 30 podcast episodes. #NaPodPoMo has it’s own website for further information, and is also apparently 10 years old! There is a challenge for novel writing…

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Celebrating My Podcast on International Podcast Day 2017

blog post - Celebrating my podcast on International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day is the 30th of September. It falls on a Saturday this year but no matter, there will be a lot of chatter about it over social media over the weekend. Last year I wrote a blog post about International Podcast Day and was talking about it as a launch pad to add…

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2016… Ups, Downs, & Visible Forward Progress

Yes here we are 28th December 2016. Where did that year just go? I know there has been all sorts of stuff going on in the wider world, and I don’t know about you, but it’s been an interesting year from my perspective. I started the year with a desire to shift my business services…

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My Podcasting Journey – Wk8 – Connections & Courage

So it’s week 8 already in my journey towards launching my own podcast and being a podcast host! A week where my client projects took precedence in my diary, but I still made some small steps towards this goal of launching my podcast. And that is the thing about working towards any project or goal,…

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My Podcasting Journey – Wk7 – Looking Ahead & Talking

Well – after the podcast procrastination attack of last week, I feel as if I have got back on track somewhat. I have a couple of interviews scheduled and I am looking forward to them. It has been an interesting exercise in just organising and preparing for these interviews as the majority of my guests…

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