How To Find The Time To Launch Your Podcast

For most people, launching a podcast is a specific strategy to complement an existing business. Unless of course it is done purely just for fun, as a hobby. But even then – the BIGGEST challenge to getting your podcast to the launch pad is actually finding the time to get on and do it. Finding…

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Podcast Help – Get The Right Help For Your Podcast, Not Just Some Help

Podcast Help, Podcast Outsourcing, Podcast Coaching… There are many ways in which help for your podcast launch and ongoing podcast production & marketing can be described. But regardless of what the help is called, the most important thing is that you think about, source and secure the right help you need. Not just any help…

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Podcast Strategy – Do You Have A Podcast Inside You?

Before your podcast dreams go any further, you have a critical podcast strategy question to answer… Do you have a podcast inside you? There is a lot of brain work needed to look at the strategy of what you are doing. And why you are doing it. And a crucial part of that is to…

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