Why podcasting is the new networking… that you will enjoy!

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Why podcasting is the new networking? We know we should network. We know we need to network, ‘cos after all, “people do business with people”. And for those of us who run our business, and particularly our online business, from home. Let’s face it, we do need to just get out of the house and meet some real people too!

BUT those real life networking events can be somewhat painful. We all have some horror stories to share, I am sure.

There is however another form of networking that you might actually enjoy. Yes, it’s podcasting! You may not have thought about podcasting as a form of networking. It is, however, another reason why starting a podcast for your business could be a great thing for you to do.

Firstly the obvious connection.

If you have a podcast based around guest interviews, then you will grow your network of professional friends and associates each time you have a guest on your show. Having a podcast gives you a great ‘excuse’ to connect with someone who you would like to talk to. Most people are excited to be a guest. If they are not excited, then they won’t be a great guest.

Having Better Conversations

Secondly, you will also be making deeper, more satisfying connections with your guests because you have the time and the space to have an interesting and engaging conversation. When we are at real life networking events and meet someone we find interesting and with whom we seem to get along well, we can feel ‘pressured’ that we shouldn’t spend all our time at an event chatting with the same person. We feel like we should be flitting about like a busy insect, buzzing here and there.

Interesting Conversation Starter

Thirdly, being a podcast host will always provide you with an interesting conversation point. Starting from ‘what is a podcast’ you will always be questioned about it. It gives you an opportunity to not only talk about ‘your thing’ but to share your experience along the podcasting journey too. Back to networking; as you build your connections revolving around your podcast, you are also able to refer people and connect people. Isn’t that the whole point of networking? Networking, online and offline, is about being a connector and a sharer, and having a podcast just seems to make that so much easier.

You Don’t Have To Have Guests!

Fourthly, you don’t have to have guests to benefit from the networking that podcasting naturally encourages.

Podcasters also connect with other podcasters for that shared experience and to swap ideas and develop further skills. Many of my online friends have a podcast. I often receive connection requests in LinkedIn from other podcasters, which is really nice. By having a common thread of podcasting, you are also able to connect with people with other niche skills and knowledge that you might not otherwise create a relationship with.

Your Audience Is Also Part Of Your Network

And finally, growing your audience is growing your network. It is networking on a wider scale. Whether we receive emails, or connection requests, or gain followers on Instagram, people are joining your network. They are listening to your podcast, listening to you, and providing feedback and connection and engagement. I truly love it when members of my podcast audience send me emails, suggest guests, send supportive messages, follow me on instagram, and tell their friends about the podcast too.

My Personal Experience As A Podcast Host

My personal experience has been very positive. My podcast is my professional portfolio, and is built around my hobby of textile art and embroidery. In launching Stitchery Stories, I started with a listener base of zero, and built it by sharing with some friends who share my hobby. I have shared it in social media as well as optimising it so it gets found.

Fast forward 5 months, and I have made friends with many more textile artists through my podcast. I attended the large and popular ‘Knitting & Stitching Show’ in Harrogate last week and had a lovely day. It was fantastic to meet up with a couple of my previous guests ‘in real life’. I enjoyed talking with plenty of potential guests. And I met several ‘fans’ who were so excited to share about the podcast with their friends, and introduce me to them. Such an enjoyable and positive experience.

In my situation, all those connections are not my ideal client persona. They all know people who could be, but for me that is not the point. I have launched and I am growing a podcast as a complement to my services focused on online marketing, content marketing and podcasting. ‘Walking the walk.’ But imagine if all those connections and engagement were my ideal client persona, attracted and engaged because of my podcast. That would be deemed as great networking wouldn’t it? And even better, I enjoy it immensely. Even better than that, I haven’t had to hang around at some ghastly event being polite to ‘brain pickers’ and ‘tyre kickers’. That has to be worth a thought or two doesn’t it???

What Do You Think?

So if you are now thinking about having a podcast in a new light, and are intrigued as to the possibilities and options, why not give me a shout, and let’s get a Podcast Discovery session scheduled. A friendly chat about podcasting possibilities. I’m looking forward to chatting with you.


Oh, and by the way, if you do come across someone wanting to know about podcasting, and they have a pile of questions about podcasting, perhaps you would send them to the blog area on my website https://podcastprogress.com/blog/. There are plenty of blog posts about all this podcasting ‘stuff’. Cheers!

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